Friday, 14 July 2017

A Note on Nobility

Am I trying to be a hero? Is that a bad thing?

I'm writing this because the other day I met someone at a house gathering and we did the usual chit-chat/small talk, “where are you from?”, and “what are you studying” and eventually, “what do you want to do after? Do you plan on returning home?”

Sunday, 2 July 2017

101 Questions: Sophomore Slump Edition

Boy oh boy this is gonna be a wild ride. Here are 101 Questions from my sophomore year journalling, featuring many Freudian Slips, even more WTHs and a lotta self-doubt (which I eventually deal with and learn from). Leggo.

  1. Yes I should be asleep because it's almost 2AM but it's fine right?
  2. Am I ready?
  3. Will [insert friend group] even meet up this quarter? Who knows?
  4. WTH?
  5. Are people so busy they can't respond to AN EMAIL?
  6. Is this even a priority for them?
  7. Am I being harsh?
  8. New year, new me, right?
  9. Did I mention my Walmart-Marguerite faux-pas and breakdown?
  10. Is this because I'm ovulating?